Davion’s Answer

Davion’s Answer

For a long time after he was sent back to Florida, Davion didn’t want to talk.


Not to the counselors the agency sent to console him; not to the guys from his old group home or the teachers at his new high school. Not to the foster parents who took him in; he knew they didn’t plan to keep him. Or to the church people he had stood before when he asked someone — anyone — to adopt him.


Especially not to the reporters from around the world who wanted to know: What went wrong?


Davion Navar Henry Only hadn’t spoken to anyone, really, since last spring, when he had gone to Ohio to live with a minister who said he wanted to make him part of his family. When Davion got into a fight with one of the minister’s kids, the family changed their minds — and flew Davion back to Florida.


He returned to the state system, where he had lived with strangers his whole life.