We talk about writing, interviewing and editing. We have smart guests. We tell true stories.
We dissect the process of crafting narratives, often off the news, and open our notebooks to show our strokes.
Whether you’re a young reporter, a veteran writer, or someone who loves learning about craft, join us!
Most episodes last about 30 minutes.



Years ago, I interned for Maria and sat next to Lane. These are the types of conversations they would have — and are still having — in the newsroom.


Think of each episode as a personal coaching session. Take their ideas. Try them out. Read Lane’s stories for more inspiration.


Before you submit your story, read it out loud to yourself. Maria will tell you that’s the fastest way to figure what phrases and sentences need to be reworked.


Keep listening, too. Lane and Maria have a lot to teach us all about the craft.

— Former Pilot Intern on WriteLane

Hey, Lane! I just wanted to say that I went out on a limb last weekend with a feature story and on my way to write it I re-listened to some of the podcast episodes to pump myself up because I was really pushing myself to focus on character and description and it definitely paid off because readers are loving the story (and I do too!)

— McKenna Oxenden, Tampa Bay Times Intern

An episode of your podcast smacked me over the head like a cartoon anvil today.

I’m an associate editor at Cleveland Magazine, where I write features. I’m in the midst of writing one now, in fact, and working through some major confidence issues.


To mix the metaphor, the way y’all spoke about confidence, or lacking it, was like setting off a gong in my skull. All the doubting voices in my head got very loud, then quieted. I too often come down on the lacking side. I’ve rarely talked about it. I suppose it’s a little too scary, a little too vulnerable. I’d gotten it through my skull that you were supposed to keep your yap shut and turn in your draft.


But the way you three talked through it openly was so calming.


“We don’t suck that bad.”


That’s on my white board now. I needed help, and it’s helping.


So thanks. Keep making the podcast. It doesn’t suck that bad. In fact, it’s great.

From a fan,

Sheehan Hannan